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The YMCA International Language School was founded in 1965 and is part of the global YMCA movement, which supports YMCAs in 120 countries.

We are here to help you throughout your entire learning process.
We offer various types of courses in 9 different languages, all adapted to your needs. Whether you want to learn in person, online, in a group or on your own with our private courses, we provide an inclusive and caring learning environment.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to help students develop their language skills through interactive and hands-on activities and the support of qualified teachers, all in a caring and inclusive environment.

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Testimonials from Our Students

Their Experience in Our Language Courses


“My name is Annie, and signing up for the YMCA German course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Barbara Nagl is an outstanding teacher. In addition to learning a new language, I made new friends. I’m very satisfied with the quality of instruction!”


“I did Mandarin level 1 with the professor TAN, I had an amazing experience, Professor Tan made the class so engaging and fun. We learn language, culture and history. I’m looking forward for level 2. Thank you professor TAN.”


“I finished the online evening session and I recommend it. I enjoyed that the three hours go by quickly, even when you’re learning remotely. The small groups are very participatory so there’s no time to get distracted. With the grammar and conjugation exercises and the conversation partners, it’s an excellent program that I want to continue. I didn’t find cheaper anywhere else. For me, it’s great value for your money.”


“Studying English at the YMCA International Language School was a great experience. The courses are given in small groups with students from all over the world. It’s super interactive and you learn every aspect of the language: speaking, writing, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and reading. The learning material is comprehensive and the teachers take the time to explain each rule. I highly recommend it.”


“An excellent school with outstanding materials, books, and methodology. The teachers were incredibly patient, always attentive to my questions. I began in the “débutant” level in French, and by the halfway point of the course, I was already capable of managing conversations in French in Montreal. The location is very convenient to reach as the metro station is right in front.”


“It was a good experience to learn English at the YMCA International Language School. The teachers were very helpful and took the time to explain our needs.”