Terms and conditions


1.1 The consumer agrees and undertakes to pay when due any amount owed to The YMCA of Québec – International Language School (hereafter the “YMCA Language School”) under this contract.

1.2 The consumer agrees to fulfill his payment obligations as indicated in the “Payment Terms and Conditions” section of this contract.

1.3 Penalties for declined payments: cheques that are returned or credit card payments that are declined for whatever reason are subject to the payment of the costs incurred by the YMCA Language School.

(A service contract involving sequential performance for instruction, training or assistance)

The consumer may cancel this contract without charge or penalty before the merchant has begun the performance of his principal obligation, by submitting the attached form or another written notice to that effect to the merchant.

If the consumer cancels this contract after the merchant has begun the performance of his principal obligation, the consumer must pay only:

a. the price of the services rendered him, computed on the basis of the rate stipulated in the contract; and

b. the less of the following 2 sums: $50, or a sum representing not more than 10% of the price of the services that were not rendered. ​The contract is cancelled of right from the sending of the form or notice.

Within ten days following the cancellation of the contract, the merchant agrees to return to the consumer the sum of money that he owes him. lt is in the consumer’s interest to refer to sections 190 to 196 of the Consumer Protection Act (chapter P-40.1) and, if necessary, to contact the Office de la protection du consommateur

1.4 Postponing until a later session:

1.4.1 If the course is postponed before the beginning of the session (excluding the 1st day), there is no penalty.

1.4.2 If the course is postponed after the beginning of the session (including the 1st day), the classes already taken must be paid for; the amount remaining will be saved in the customer’s account for one year.

1.4.3 The customer must register for the entire new session, paying the difference between the amount remaining from the old course and the total cost of the new course


2.1 The YMCAs of Québec agrees to properly maintain its facilities and equipment to ensure a safe environment for everyone. This may result in temporary interruptions in service or access to specific areas. Fees will not be adjusted as a result of maintenance, repair or renovation work carried out by the YMCAs of Québec.


3.1 The YMCA Language School is not responsible for the destruction or damage of the property of the consumer or of property in the possession of the consumer, or for the lost or theft of this property, except where the destruction, damage, loss or theft of this property is a result of the personal actions of the YMCA Language School or one of its representatives.


4.1 The YMCA Language School is committed to protecting the consumer’s personal information by adhering to the following responsible information handling practices. The YMCA collects personal information about the consumer (including, but not limited to first and last name, gender, mailing address, email address and age) required to effectively manage the requested services.

4.2 Among other things, the YMCA Language School collects persona! data for statistical purposes to better meet the consumer’s service needs and to ensure a safe environment for any person using the facilities as well as to inform the consumer about the YMCA Language School program in which he is registered, to complete payment transactions and/or to satisfy regulatory obligations.

4.3 Only authorized employees have access to the consumer’s personal information. This information is stored in the YMCA’s secure computer system.

4.4 Subject to legal restriction, the consumer has the right to access his file and update his personal information by sending a written request to the YMCA Language School.

4.5 Except as permitted by law, no personal information will be released to unrelated third parties without the consumer’s prior.

4.6 The consumer consents to provide his email address to the YMCA Language School as a means for communication between parties. This consent authorizes the YMCA Language School to use the consumer’s email address to send him any information about the services he has requested, to inform him about other YMCA Language School programs, services and opportunities that may interest as well as to obtain his opinion on the quality of services provided by the YMCA Language School.

4.7 Should the consumer no longer wish to be contacted by email, he must send a request to the YMCA Language School.

4.8 With regard to how personal information collected on the YMCA website and social media is stored, used and disclosed, please consult the YMCA’s privacy policy at https://www.ymcaquebec.org/en/Privacy-Policy


5.1 The consumer agrees to pay the YMCA Language School any applicable provincial or federal sales taxes at the time of the payment.


6.1 The consumer acknowledges that the rights conferred to him under this contract cannot be assigned or transferred.

6.2 The consumer agrees to comply with the rules of the YMCA Language School, which are in this contract and are an integral part of it

6.3 The consumer acknowledges and declares that he has read and understood these rules prior to signing this contract.